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New Non-Methylene Chloride Metal Stripper 

Announcing B17e — The e stands for environment as it’s safer and shares the water rinse characteristic of its big brother B17. The e can also be said to represent economy since B17e is priced at nearly 1/2 that of the competition. B17e does not contain Methylene Chloride or NMP, a component of competing products that has been proven to cause birth defects.

Benco started working on a new stripper substitute for B17 five years ago when the EPA pushed to regulate MCL (Methylene Chloride). It’s been a long time coming, but Benco would not release a new product until it met their high standards for effectiveness and safety. Valeri Lennon, President and COO said, “Good enough is never an option”. The Benco development team were so excited at the effectiveness of the new “non-MCL” stripper that they nixed the original chosen name and called it B17e – as it was strong enough to wear the B17 badge and continue its legendary performance.

B17e must be heated between 140-180 degrees for optimal effectiveness. Benco is able to provide custom heated tank systems on a “made-to-order” basis. B17e can also be used in any heated stripper tank you may have already invested in for improved value and efficiency. B17e will remove the toughest man-made coatings including powder coat, primers, UV coatings, epoxies and even the latest ceramic paints. How fast is it? Time will always vary depending on finish, but Benco averaged 45 minutes for many coatings. The original B17 stripper is still available for professionals with valid busness ID and for industrial distribution only.

In summary, you get an American-made product, high quality control, proven effectiveness, no costly shipping or tariffs, and no methylene chloride or NMP.

Benco Sales has been manufacturing and servicing the metal stripping industry for over 50 years. Their stripper formulations lead the industry for purity, innovation and effectiveness.

“B17e is great stuff! Some finishes dissolved and others just lifted off.”
Jeff Funkhouse, Owner Funktion Performance, Cornelius, NC

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