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B96 Powder Coating Stripper

Benco #B96 is a liquid, water rinsable remover with an acidic pH. B96 does not contain methylene chloride.

Product Code   Size                      Price

B96-55           55 gallon drum      $1200.00

B96-05           5 gallon pail           $205.00

Pricing on drums reflects shipments on Benco trucks and schedule.

Common Carrier rates will vary.

Please note that someone will need to be at the shipping address provided to sign for the package. Address changes cannot be made once shipment is processed. If a shipment is not delivered and returned to us, you will not be refunded. Please contact the shipping dept. with any questions. During the warmer months please note that we are unable to ship single pails. Qty of 6 can be place on our Benco Fleet trucks only.